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folia is the online magazine by Franco Cosimo Panini Editore entirely dedicated to illumination and rare books.

Originally designed for an audience of collectors and art books enthusiasts alike, folia mainly focuses on illuminated manuscripts created between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance — works so valuable to be now housed in maximum-security vaults of libraries all around the globe. Due to their immense fragility, very few are lucky enough to admire such masterpieces — and not many people are actually aware of their wonders.

folia aims to “unveil” the most beautiful books in the world day after day, by suggesting new illuminations, interesting stories, and surprising details. We are on a quest to keep bringing light to a heritage that belongs to us all — one of knowledge, history, and beauty.

And, since ars illuminandi has always been linked to painting and sculpture, folia will also keep you updated on the latest news from the Art World, with special attention for Medieval and Renaissance art and history.

The Staff behind folia consists in:

Lucia Panini
Publishing director

Paolo Bonacini
Writer and Editor

Francesca Portanova
Writer and Editor

Alessandro Vicenzi
Writer and Editor

Annalisa Giusti
Writer and Editor

Contact the Staff: redazione [at] foliamagazine.it
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