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Journey through the Dante Urbinate: From the Codex to the facsimile
5 October 2021   |    Dante Urbinate

The Federico da Montefeltro edition of the Divine Comedy faithfully and completely reproduces every characteristic of the manuscript in a limited press run of only 590 copies.   Its faithfulness to the original is evident in every detail,…

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Journey through the Dante Urbinate: the binding
24 September 2021   |    Dante Urbinate

Binding that changed over the centuries  When Federico died in 1482, the Codex, still incomplete, was not yet bound together and it remained that way until Francesco Maria II della Rovere had the first binding done, in yellow…

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Divine Tambourine
15 September 2021   |    Dante Urbinate

Illuminated initial "G" from Dante Alighieri’s Divina Commedia, Ms. Urb. lat. 365, f. 72v, 1478-1482, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana.

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Journey through the Dante Urbinate: the provenance
13 July 2021   |    Dante Urbinate

By now we have seen ample evidence that the Dante Urbinate is one of the world’s priceless masterpieces, but what is its provenance, the history of its ownership? As with its production history, even its…

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Journey through the Dante Urbinate: a luxury item
4 May 2021   |    Dante Urbinate

The Dante Urbinate is an extraordinary manuscript, by any measure. Our journey through its pages is a perfect way to analyze the illustrations and the iconography in the manuscript, bringing light to some of the…

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Journey through the Dante Urbinate: birth of a manuscript
20 April 2021   |    Dante Urbinate

When and where did the splendid manuscript of the Dante Urbinate originate? That is the subject of this episode all about the priceless Renaissance masterpiece edition of Dante. Once commissioned by Federico da Montefeltro, work…

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Q is for Queendom
22 January 2021   |    Floral Friday

Capital "Q", illumination from the manuscript "Gradualis sanctorum Ecclesiae Parisiensis pars V", ms. RES VMA MS-1415, p. 135, 1669, Département Musique, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris.

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Happy Holidays from Folia Magazine!
24 December 2020   |    Folia

Two sleepy parents and a very awake Child... in a way, this Nativity scene is not much different than what many of our houses will see on this Christmas morning! Folia Magazine wishes all of…

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