Month: May 2021

Journey through the Dante Urbinate: the parchment
11 May 2021   |    Dante Urbinate

We have mentioned the marvelous physical appearance of the Dante Urbinate but here we will focus on one aspect of its physical make-up: the parchment.   The parchment of the Dante Urbinate is likely made of young goatskin of high quality, which would be expected of a luxury model codex. It has no visible seams…

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Journey through the Dante Urbinate: Canto XXVI, Counsellors of Fraud
7 May 2021   |    Dante Urbinate

As we go deeper into Dante’s Inferno, we are now at the eighth bolgia in the eighth circle of Hell, where those who gave false or corrupt advice are punished.   As Dante and Virgil cross a rocky bridge, Virgil leans over to speak with the double flames of the souls of Ulysses and Diomedes, who are portrayed at the center. Here, the two Greek heroes, condemned for the same sin, take their punishment together.   The fire that engulfs the souls of fraudulent counsellors burns below the bridge. In the background, the landscape opens toward the horizon showing gentle hills and a broad portion of the sky at sunset.   Source: Ambrogio M. Piazzoni, Una nuova lettura della Commedia, La…

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Journey through the Dante Urbinate: a luxury item
4 May 2021   |    Dante Urbinate

The Dante Urbinate is an extraordinary manuscript, by any measure. Our journey through its pages is a perfect way to analyze the illustrations and the iconography in the manuscript, bringing light to some of the…

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