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DANCE DANCE DANCE: the Dancing Mania and other kinds of mass hysteria
29 February 2020   |    Devilries

Fear? Paranoia? Symptoms that seem inexplicable and infections "at first sight"? Nothing new! In the middle of these days' psychosis, Folia Magazine proposes an in-depth analysis of some cases of phantom "illnesses" that occurred during…

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UFOs: Unveiling Fortuna’s Orb
2 July 2019   |    FoliaFocus

Do you believe in UFOs? If you are a history fan, there is a high chance you have watched the History Channel at least once: well, if you have, you probably know that its programming…

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SAY CHEESE! Cheesemaking in the Middle Ages
4 June 2019   |    FoliaFocus

Did you know that even cheeses have birthdays? Well, at least that is the case for Roquefort, the famous French cheese that is officially turning 608 years old today! On June 4, 1411, King Charles…

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Between Leonardo and Hildegard: The Universal Man
2 May 2019   |    FoliaFocus

May 2, 1519: on this day, exactly 500 years ago, Leonardo da Vinci died at 67 in Château du Clos Lucé, a castle in the city of Amboise, France. As one of the most popular and…

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Timur the Great
9 April 2019   |    FoliaFocus

Here in the West, we are often used to see the Middle Ages almost exclusively from a Euro-centric point of view, overlooking the great historical importance of the East, its dynasties, and its conquerors. This obviously…

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(Not) The End of the World as We Know It
22 February 2019   |    FoliaFocus

"Angel and the serpent", illumination from the "Welles Apocalypse", ms. Royal 15 D II, f. 194r, first quarter of 14th century, British Library, London. The official Folia Magazine Instagram account has reached the milestone of 1000 followers!…

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DO IT FOR THE VINE: Wine in the Middle Ages
1 September 2018   |    Folia

Back to work! We have finally reached September, which means our team is ready to dive into the beauty of illuminated manuscripts once again. We welcome the new month with this depiction of one of…

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Christine De Pizan and The City of Ladies
8 March 2018   |    FoliaFocus

To celebrate Women's Day, Folia Magazine decided to offer a brief in-depth analysis of one of the most important female figures of medieval culture: Christine de Pizan. Christine was born in Venice in 1365. Her father Tommaso was a professor of…

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