Category: Love story

True Love
14 February 2020   |    Funny Folia

Feeling lonely on this Valentine's Day? If you feel like a future as an old crazy cat lady (or gentleman!) is drawing nearer, don't worry: you surely are in good company - as our medieval…

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19 November 2017   |    Folia

"Arthur, Lancelot, and Guinevere", illumination from the manuscript "Lancelot du Lac", ms. Royal 20 D IV,  f. 1r, ca. 1360-1380, British Library, London.   This illumination portrays King Arthur engaged in conversation with his barons,…

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Sex in the Middle Ages, between truth and legends
23 April 2016   |    FoliaFocus

Jacques Rossiaud’s Sexualités au Moyen age reveals some interesting trivia about sexuality in the Middle Ages. The essay by the French historian illustrates medieval sexual habits and beliefs, denying some clichés on the subject and…

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