Category: Women’s Wednesday

20 January 2021   |    Women's Wednesday

Historically and mythologically speaking, being in a powerful position (and perhaps also a little “too good-looking”) often proved to be a double-edged sword for many women. While undoubtedly representing an advantage, it also made those…

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13 January 2021   |    Women's Wednesday

The time has finally come for the very first Women’s Wednesday of 2021! Although historians have celebrated our first Mulier Clara of the year as a skilled writer and poetess, her work has sadly not…

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9 December 2020   |    Women's Wednesday

Welcome back to another Women’s Wednesday! Our weekly Mulier Clara, much like Sappho before her, is mostly known for her literary skills: Sulpicia. While Boccaccio focuses his account on the strength of her love for…

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2 December 2020   |    Women's Wednesday

It is known that the right environment is the key to a bright future: and certainly the Muliera Clara we're about to celebrate this week had the perfect upbringing for her time. Daughter of the…

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18 November 2020   |    Women's Wednesday

What is better than being certain of your partner's affection? Very few things. And what is better than witnessing that very devotion with your own eyes, especially when you see an unforgivable flaw in yourself?…

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4 November 2020   |    Women's Wednesday

Love, like death and truth, is immortal. It is what we have been talking about since we discovered stories. And love, as much as death and truth, is what this week's Mulier Clara is remembered…

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28 October 2020   |    Women's Wednesday

Here we are with yet another Women’s Wednesday! This week’s Mulier Clara may remind you of one of the most well-known love stories of all time: more than two centuries before Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”,…

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The Wives of the Cimbrians
21 October 2020   |    Women's Wednesday

As soon as the need arises, women have never hesitated to take the matter in hand… and wars are no exception. This week, Folia Magazine is not going to talk about just one woman, but…

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