Category: Femme fatale

3 October 2018   |    Femme fatale

And here we are, our first double Women's Wednesday! Following Boccaccio's footsteps, our weekly column couples two of our Mulieres Clarae together: Marpesia and Lampedo, queens of the Amazon. The two sisters are, in fact, perhaps some…

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5 September 2018   |    Femme fatale

We resume our weekly Women's Wednesday column with one of the most famous women of all time: Venus. You are probably well acquainted with the mythological figure of Venus (or Aphrodite for the Greek): the…

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The Bonfire of the Vanities
8 February 2018   |    Femme fatale

On February 7, 1497 (Mardi Gras day), Girolamo Savonarola's bonfire of the Vanities took place in Piazza della Signoria, Florence. Inspired by the Dominican friar's predicaments against Florence's artistic and cultural mundanity during the time of…

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