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The protagonist of this week’s Women’s Wednesday is Europa, the very woman after whom the continent of Europe was named. The legend goes that Europa, originally from Phoenicia, was brought to Crete by Zeus himself: the god, in fact, had become infatuated with […]



This week’s Women’s Wednesday is dedicated to the goddess Isis: woman of many roles, she is depicted above in the act of writing a book of law amidst some farmers.   Many are the myths concerning Isis: in addition to […]



We resume our weekly Women’s Wednesday column with one of the most famous women of all time: Venus. You are probably well acquainted with the mythological figure of Venus (or Aphrodite for the Greek): the goddess of beauty and love […]

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Our journey to the discovery of the many Mulieres Clarae continues with a multi-faceted goddess, Minerva. Robinet Testard, as shown in the illumination above, chose to depict her warrior side by arming her with sword and shield.   According to […]



Today, just like every Wednesday, Folia Magazine welcomes a new Mulier Clara: the spotlight this week goes to Ceres, the goddess of agricultural fertility. In accordance to her patronage, the deity is often depicted holding a scythe and surrounded by […]

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This week’s Women’s Wednesday features a new Mulier Clara: Juno, queen of the Greek gods and patron of marriage and childbirth. The illuminator Robinet Testard, as seen above, depicts the goddess with bare womb and chest in order to symbolize […]



Our third Women’s Wednesday is dedicated to Opis, Saturn’s wife, earth goddess and personification of abundance. The Latin word “ops”, in fact, literally means “riches, plenty”; at the same time, “opis” signifies “work”, especially in the sense of “working the […]

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Let’s continue our adventure through the pages of the De Mulieribus Claris: today’s guest is Semiramis, the legendary queen of Assyria. The illumination above depicts Semiramis in the company of a white dog, perhaps to symbolize the prosperity that characterized her […]

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