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Back to another Women’s Wednesday! This time we will be focusing on Medea, surely one of the most famous women in Greek mythology, and also the protagonist of the tragedy of the same name written by Euripides. Medea is described […]



We wrap up the month of October with yet another Women’s Wednesday! The protagonist this time is Hypsipyle, queen of Lemnos and daughter of Thoas and Myrina, one of the Amazon queens. During Hypsipyle’s reign as queen, Aphrodite felt like the women […]

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For today’s Women’s Wednesday we will be focusing on Niobe. Daughter of Tantalus and sister of Pelops, for centuries her name has been identified with the concrete danger of being too prideful. Object of her pride, in fact, were her […]



Another Wednesday, another Mulier Clara: this week is the turn of Hypermnestra, queen of Argos. Hypermnestra’s story begins, like many others in Greek mythology, with marriage. Her father, Danaus, was asked to give his 50 daughters in marriage to his 50 […]

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It’s finally time for our Women’s Wednesday! Like every week we will focus on a new Mulier Clara: the spotlight this time is on Thisbe, a maiden from Babylonia, famous for her tragic love story with Pyramus. Their parents’ rivalry, […]



And here we are, our first double Women’s Wednesday! Following Boccaccio’s footsteps, our weekly column couples two of our Mulieres Clarae together: Marpesia and Lampedo, queens of the Amazon. The two sisters are, in fact, perhaps some of the most famous Amazons […]



  Our tenth Women’s Wednesday is dedicated to Libya: daughter of Epaphus and Memphis, is depicted above giving orders to three men. Libya was also the beloved wife of Poseidon (god of the Sea) with whom she had three children: […]

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The protagonist of this week’s Women’s Wednesday is Europa, the very woman after whom the continent of Europe was named. The legend goes that Europa, originally from Phoenicia, was brought to Crete by Zeus himself: the god, in fact, had become infatuated with […]

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