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We resume our weekly Women’s Wednesday column with one of the most famous women of all time: Venus. You are probably well acquainted with the mythological figure of Venus (or Aphrodite for the Greek): the goddess of beauty and love […]


Our journey to the discovery of the many Mulieres Clarae continues with a multi-faceted goddess, Minerva. Robinet Testard, as shown in the illumination above, chose to depict her warrior side by arming her with sword and shield.   According to […]


Today, just like every Wednesday, Folia Magazine welcomes a new Mulier Clara: the spotlight this week goes to Ceres, the goddess of agricultural fertility. In accordance to her patronage, the deity is often depicted holding a scythe and surrounded by […]


This week’s Women’s Wednesday features a new Mulier Clara: Juno, queen of the Greek gods and patron of marriage and childbirth. The illuminator Robinet Testard, as seen above, depicts the goddess with bare womb and chest in order to symbolize […]


Our third Women’s Wednesday is dedicated to Opis, Saturn’s wife, earth goddess and personification of abundance. The Latin word “ops”, in fact, literally means “riches, plenty”; at the same time, “opis” signifies “work”, especially in the sense of “working the […]


Let’s continue our adventure through the pages of the De Mulieribus Claris: today’s guest is Semiramis, the legendary queen of Assyria. The illumination above depicts Semiramis in the company of a white dog, perhaps to symbolize the prosperity that characterized her […]


How could we not open our Women’s Wednesday column if not with the very first woman, Eve? The myth of Eve was surely a heavy one for women through history, especially in Catholic medieval Europe; the First Woman is usually portrayed as […]


Folia Magazine presents a new, all-female weekly column: Women’s Wednesday! Every Wednesday we will be bringing your attention to an illumination taken from one of the many copies of Giovanni Boccaccio’s De Mulieribus Claris: 106 women, both historical and mythical, […]

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