Month: September 2019

30 September 2019   |    Folia

On September 30, the Church celebrates the feast day of St. Rachel, Jacob's wife and mother of two of the twelve progenitors of the tribes of Israel. Jacob had fallen in love with Rachel when he…

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Blooming branches
27 September 2019   |    Floral Friday

Illumination from the manuscript "La Fleur des histoires de Jean Mansel", ms. Ms-5087 réserve, f. 204r, 1454, Bibliothèque de l'Arsenal, Paris.

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25 September 2019   |    Women's Wednesday

This week’s Women’s Wednesday tells the story of one of the greatest Roman heroines: Cloelia, a legendary woman that brought peace between the Etruscans and the Romans. Back around 509 BC the Roman citizens, tired…

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23 September 2019   |    Folia

Da oggi (precisamente alle 8.50 italiane!), con l'ingresso del Sole nella costellazione della Bilancia, l'Emisfero Settentrionale ha finalmente salutato l'estate e dato il benvenuto all'autunno! Per le popolazioni europee del Medioevo, il cambio di stagione…

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The garden of words
20 September 2019   |    Floral Friday

Illuminations from a Book of Hours, Use of Rome, ms. Latin 1156B, f. 135r, 15th century, Département des manuscrits, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris.

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18 September 2019   |    Women's Wednesday

Our weekly Women's Wednesday returns today with a chilling personality: Queen Athaliah of Judah, the only female monarch to sit on the throne of David in biblical history. Former princess of Israel, Athaliah married Jehoram, prince of Judah,…

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Charles V of France
16 September 2019   |    This day in History

September 16, 1380: on this day, King Charles V of France died after 16 years of reign. Despite his name being somehow overshadowed by the more famous Holy Roman Emperor of the same name, Charles V…

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Floral Homage
13 September 2019   |    Floral Friday

Illumination from the Book of Hours of Bénigne Serre,  ms. Cod. 103, f. 168r, 1524, Utopia, armarium codicum bibliophilorum, private collection, Switzerland.

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