4 November 2020   |    Women's Wednesday

Love, like death and truth, is immortal. It is what we have been talking about since we discovered stories. And love, as much as death and truth, is what this week's Mulier Clara is remembered…

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Dance of Death
31 October 2020   |    Devilries

We finally reached the end of October... and that means it's Halloween! Last year we celebrated the occasion by introducing you to a very peculiar manuscript, the ms. Français 995 from the Bibliothéque nationale de…

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It’s the simple things
30 October 2020   |    Floral Friday

A pipe in his teeth, a flower in his hand... and not-that-great artistic skills! Who said that things have to be polished and overly-complex in order to be appreciated?! Today's #FloralFriday celebrates simplicity and all…

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28 October 2020   |    Women's Wednesday

Here we are with yet another Women’s Wednesday! This week’s Mulier Clara may remind you of one of the most well-known love stories of all time: more than two centuries before Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”,…

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A dedicated dentist
23 October 2020   |    Floral Friday

Illumination from a Roman Missal created for Jean de Foix, Bishop of Comminges, ms. Latin 16827, f. 383v, 1492, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Département des Manuscrits, Paris.

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The Wives of the Cimbrians
21 October 2020   |    Women's Wednesday

As soon as the need arises, women have never hesitated to take the matter in hand… and wars are no exception. This week, Folia Magazine is not going to talk about just one woman, but…

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A curious little bear
16 October 2020   |    Floral Friday

Illumination from a Diurnal, ms. Ms. Ludwig IX 14 (83.ML.110), f. 17v, ca. 1485, The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles.

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14 October 2020   |    Women's Wednesday

Here we are again, celebrating the women praised by Boccaccio in his De mulieribus claris: our woman of the week is Sempronia, who lived during the last decades of the end of the Roman Republic.…

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E is for Exquisite
9 October 2020   |    Floral Friday

Capital "E", illumination from the manuscript "Gradualis sanctorum Ecclesiae Parisiensis pars II", ms. RES VMA MS-1411, p. 25, 1669, Département Musique, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris.

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7 October 2020   |    Spotlight on

Yes, Folia Magazine is finally back! And what better way to reprise our columns than doing so with our beloved Women's Wednesday? Our protagonist of the week is famous for leaving her traditional feminine role,…

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