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6 November 2019   |    Women's Wednesday

We welcome November with a brand-new Women’s Wednesday. Today’s Mulier Clara is Verginia, a Roman maiden and daughter of the centurion Lucius Virginius. Verginia’s story is quite a tragic one. According to the ancient Roman…

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30 October 2019   |    Women's Wednesday

Today is the last Wednesday of the month: time for yet another Women's Wednesday! Our guest this time is Artemisia, Queen of Caria... or should we say "guests"? In his telling, Boccaccio actually merges two…

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23 October 2019   |    Women's Wednesday

Since the beginning of the Women’s Wednesday column, we had the chance to tell many captivating stories of goddesses, queens, maidens, and warriors. Today, for the first time ever, we introduce a painter: Thamyris, said…

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16 October 2019   |    Women's Wednesday

Our weekly Women's Wednesday is dedicated to the courage of a mother: our Mulier Clara is Veturia, mother of the Roman general Gaius Marcius Coriolanus. Coming from a wealthy family herself, Veturia was the one…

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Megullia Dotata
9 October 2019   |    Women's Wednesday

Like every Wednesday, this day is dedicated to Boccaccio’s De Mulieribus Claris. Today’s Mulier Clara is Megullia Dotata, a Roman lady whose name became a title for the woman that came with a substantial dowry. In Roman…

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2 October 2019   |    Women's Wednesday

October is finally here! The year is slowly coming to an end, while our Women's Wednesday surely is not: with today's guest, Hippo, we have officially reached the 53rd Mulier Clara - meaning we now…

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25 September 2019   |    Women's Wednesday

This week’s Women’s Wednesday tells the story of one of the greatest Roman heroines: Cloelia, a legendary woman that brought peace between the Etruscans and the Romans. Back around 509 BC the Roman citizens, tired…

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18 September 2019   |    Women's Wednesday

Our weekly Women's Wednesday returns today with a chilling personality: Queen Athaliah of Judah, the only female monarch to sit on the throne of David in biblical history. Former princess of Israel, Athaliah married Jehoram, prince of Judah,…

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