Month: July 2019

31 July 2019   |    Women's Wednesday

As always, a new Wednesday means a new story from famous women in history as narrated by Boccaccio! This time, our weekly Women's Wednesday features Lucretia and the tragic events that led to the birth of…

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Summer Party
26 July 2019   |    Floral Friday

Illumination from a Book of Hours, use of Paris, ms. Widener 8, f. 81r, 1499, Free Library of Philadelphia.

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24 July 2019   |    Women's Wednesday

Our weekly installment on Boccaccio’s De Mulieribus Claris continues with Sappho, one of the greatest female poets of all time. Said to have been born around 630 BC, Sappho came from the city of Eresos on the…

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Mary Magdalene
22 July 2019   |    Folia

July 22 is the feast day of St. Mary Magdalene, one of the most known women from the Gospels. The epithet of "Magdalene" is derived from the town of Magdala, on the Sea of Galilee,…

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20 July 2019   |    Spotlight on

Un piccolo passo per un uomo, un grande balzo per l'umanità. Dopo aver sognato un tale traguardo per millenni, l'umanità ha mosso i primi passi sulla superficie lunare esattamente 50 anni fa, il 20 luglio…

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Capricorn and Unicorn
19 July 2019   |    Floral Friday

"Capricorn and Unicorn", illumination from the manuscript "La Fleur des histoires de Jean Mansel", ms. Ms-5087 réserve, f. 237v, 1454, Bibliothèque de l'Arsenal, Paris.

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17 July 2019   |    Women's Wednesday

Back to our Women's Wednesday! Our guest this time is Tanaquil, Roman queen of Etruscan descent. Married to Lucumo (whose name meant "king" in Etruscan), Tanaquil believed her husband would make a good leader; for this reason, she…

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John Ball
15 July 2019   |    This day in History

July 15, 1381: the English priest John Ball is hanged, drawn, and quartered because of his preachings. John Ball was born in Hertfordshire around 1338. He later moved to Kent and Essex because of the Black Death,…

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