Beatrice alza gli occhi al Sole
"Almost that passage had made morning there And evening here, and there was wholly white That hemisphere, and black the other part, When Beatrice towards the left-hand side I saw turned round, and gazing at the sun; Never did eagle fasten so upon it! And even as a second ray is wont To issue from the first and reascend, Like to a pilgrim who would fain return, Thus of her action, through the eyes infused In my imagination, mine I made, And sunward fixed mine eyes beyond our wont. There much is lawful which is here unlawful Unto our powers, by virtue of the place Made for the human species as its own. Not long I bore it, nor so little while But I beheld it sparkle round about Like iron that comes molten from the fire; And suddenly it seemed that day to day Was added, as if He who has the power Had with another sun the heaven adorned."
(English translation by H. W. Longfellow)   "Beatrice looks up at the Sun", miniature from the "Divine Comedy", ms. Egerton 943, f. 129v, first half of the 14th century, British Library, Londra.  
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