Carlo Magno "Charlemagne", illumination from the manuscript "Les Grandes chroniques de France", ms. Royal 16 G VI, f. 165r, between 1332 and 1350, British Library, London.

The illumination above portrays Charlemagne's visions of the Milky Way and St. James. As the legend goes, St. James appeared to Charlemagne in a dream and told him to follow the Milky Way towards Santiago and liberate his tomb and Galicia itself from the Moors. This legend is now believed to be the origin of the very name of The Way of Saint James, commonly known as the Pilgrimage of Santiago de Compostela (from the latin Campus Stellae, "field of the star").

Speaking of legends and Charlemagne, did you know the emperor or the Holy Roman Empire is also the protagonist of a historical conspiracy theory commonly known as "phantom time hypothesis"?

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