Separazione delle acque   We celebrate today World Water Day, an annual event established by the United Nations in 1993. The goal of World Water Day is to bring the many water challenges of our era back to the attention of the general public: among these issues, of course, the global water crisis stands as the most serious one. On this occasion, therefore, many events and projects aim to highlight the dangers of water scarcity and its pollution, as well as to criticize the inadequacy of the access to most clean water supplies and hygienic facilities in many developing counties. The main purpose of the Day is thus to reiterate the importance and the right to water and hygiene for every human being.   "God separates the Water", illumination from a "Bible Historial", ms. 0020, f. 004, between 1320 and 1337, Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève, Paris.
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