Here we are with another marvelous illumination from the Codex Purpureus Rossanensis: Lazarus' resurrection.

The illuminated folio was sadly deeply damaged by both the passing of time and the early XX-century restoration, which mostly affected the peculiar reddish-purple hue of the original parchment. The scene, still easily discernible despite the damage, can be split into two acts: on the left, Martha and Mary implore Jesus to heal their brother Lazarus. On the right, several days after his death, the miracle: having received the order to "come forth", Lazarus steps out of his tomb - still wearing his shroud.

An interesting detail can be found in the figure of the young man helping Lazarus walk out of his tomb: the boy, in fact, is depicted in the act of raising his tunic above his nose, surely hoping to avoid the stench emanating from an already decaying Lazarus!

“Resurrection of Lazarus”, illumination from the “Codex Purpureus Rossaniensis“, Gregory-Aland Σ o 042, f. 1r, ca. 550, Museo diocesano e del Codex, Rossano.

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