Facsimile of the opening historiated page from Alfonso V of Aragon's copy of the "Divina Commedia", ms. Yates Thompson 36, f. 1r, between 1444 and c. 1450, British Library, London.

The historiated initial, a capital 'N', shows Dante and Virgil wandering through a dark wood. The four figures in the corners represent Justice, Power, Peace, and Temperance.

A high-quality copy of the incipit page of Dante's Inferno, this facsimile folio faithfully reproduces its original in all its beauty - from the elegant gildings to the golden edge of the attentively antiquated paper. Each copy is sold in a folder and comes with a commentary file of the page, as well as a certificate attesting the fidelity of the facsimile to the original.

This wonderful piece can be yours at just the cost of 35€ (plus international shipping from Italy) and makes for a most exquisite gift for the Holidays; the facsimile edition originally belonging to a limited print run of just 750 copies, every single leaf also holds incredible value as collectible. Visit the Franco Cosimo Panini Editore website for more details on this piece, as well as the facsimiles of the opening pages of both Dante's Purgatory and Paradiso.

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