San Giuseppe The Church celebrates today the feast day of Saint Joseph, a descendant of King David, husband of the Virgin Mary, and putative father of Jesus. Saint Joseph is considered to be one of the patron saints of the Catholic Church, as well as an example of the perfect Christian: after being visited by an angel, in fact, Joseph accepted God's will and took Mary, already pregnant by the Holy Spirit, as his bride - despite having initially considered rejecting her in secret. Being described as a just and devout man, Joseph thus took Jesus in his care - raising him and teaching him the trade of a carpenter. Many countries with a strong Catholic tradition link Saint Joseph's feast day to the annual celebration of fatherhood: it is today, in fact, that nations such as Italy, Spain, and Portugal celebrate Father's Day.   "Apparition of the Archangel Gabriel to Saint Joseph", illumination from the manuscript "Pèlerinage de Jésus-Christ", ms. 1130, f. 172v, last third of the 14th century, Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève, Paris.
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