Morte di Ugolino della Gheradesca

«[...] "When we came
To the fourth day, then Gaddo at my feet
Outstretch’d did fling him, crying, ‘Hast no help
For me, my father!’ There he died; and e’en
Plainly as thou seest me, saw I the three
Fall one by one ’twixt the fifth day and sixth:
Whence I betook me, now grown blind, to grope
Over them all, and for three days aloud
Call’d on them who were dead. Then, fasting got
The mastery of grief.»

Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy, Inferno (Canto XXXIII, ln. 65–74)
Translation by Henry F. Cary, The Harvard Classics, 1909–14.

"Death of Ugolino della Gheradesca", by Priamo della Quercia, illumination from a copy of the Divine Comedy, ms. Yates Thompson 36, f. 61r, between 1444 and ca. 1450, British Library, London.

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