autunno The Northern Hemisphere enters today the new season! A few weeks ago we talked about grape harvesting and wine in the Middle Ages: autumn, however, was more generally a time for gathering supplies for the winter and the months to come. Firewood was piled up, grain and foodstuffs were stocked, and meat was either salted or smoked. Whether you call it Autumn or Fall, this time of the year is usually one of the most beloved by people all around the world - be it because of the beautiful warm colors of Nature, the delicious seasonal food, the cooling weather after a hot summer, or just because of the holiday season approaching. Whatever the reason, let us enjoy and celebrate the new season with this joyful illumination!   "Autumn", illumination from the manuscript “Tacuinum sanitatis”, ms. Latin 9333, f. 52v, 15th century, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris.
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