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28 September 2018   |    Folia

Franco Cosimo Panini Editore, the publisher behind Folia Magazine, recently had the pleasure to work with the Gallerie Estensi museum in Modena, Italy, on the catalog of the new exhibition called "Meravigliose Adventure" - a…

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23 September 2018   |    Folia

The Northern Hemisphere enters today the new season! A few weeks ago we talked about grape harvesting and wine in the Middle Ages: autumn, however, was more generally a time for gathering supplies for the winter and…

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21 September 2018   |    Folia

September 21 marks the anniversary of the death of Virgil, the great Roman poet. In 19 BC, in fact, Virgil had traveled to Greece in order to further research and edit the Aeneid, his masterpiece, just before its…

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5 September 2018   |    Femme fatale

We resume our weekly Women's Wednesday column with one of the most famous women of all time: Venus. You are probably well acquainted with the mythological figure of Venus (or Aphrodite for the Greek): the…

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DO IT FOR THE VINE: Wine in the Middle Ages
1 September 2018   |    Folia

Back to work! We have finally reached September, which means our team is ready to dive into the beauty of illuminated manuscripts once again. We welcome the new month with this depiction of one of…

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Summer banquet
2 August 2018   |    Folia

Illumination from the manuscript "Livre de la chasse - Déduits de la chasse", ms. Français 616, c. 67r, 14th or 15th century, Département des manuscrits, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris. Folia Magazine is off to a summer vacation! Our…

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The Day of the Seven Sleepers
28 June 2018   |    Folia

"Scheint am Siebenschläfer Sonne, gibt es sieben Wochen Wonne." German-speaking countries celebrated yesterday Siebenschläfertag, the "Day of the Seven Sleepers": according to lore, the weather on this day is said to predict the weather on the following seven weeks. But…

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Berries galore
24 June 2018   |    Folia

Illumination from the manuscript “Recüeil des principaux seigneurs qui passèrent la mer avec Guillaume Conquéreur d'Angleterre, et de plusieurs autres qui, après le décès dudict Guillaume, se retirèrent en Angleterre, et quelz honneurs et estatz…

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